Thursday, September 17, 2015

Sally Hansen Perfect Airbrush Legs

When I got ready for church yesterday I used the @SallyHansen Airbrush Perfect legs(left leg has product on it) I felt it had good coverage. It's definitely a good product to transition from summer to winter or if you want to keep a nice tan. Lol I don't know if I will purchase this product. I may try the spray to see if I like that better. I did feel it lasted on my legs for a good length of time. Thank you @Influenster for allowing me to try free products. #airbrushperfectlegs #contest

Monday, November 8, 2010


So I said I was going to startblogging through my entire pregnancy, well its 4mths its not too late Ty and I were hoping that we were expecting but when it actually happens I was in shock. When I took the first test I told Ty I wasnt sure if I was reading this right and he came in and looked at it and was like how hard it was to read 2 lines means pregnant and 1 lines me not pregnant. It was pretty plain as day but I guess I was in denial. :) So I took another pregnancy test in the morning and guess what it said the samething! lol
Then that weekend we dove down to Ty's parents house to tell them we were expecting. We had made them a garden rock that says "grandparents rock". It took my mother in law a few minutes to realize what that means. She kept saying are you serious are you serious?!?!
The next day we went to lunch with my mom and step dad. My mom guessed it before we even got there but I tried playing it off. We gave her a cup thatsaid "MiMi to Be" Thenwe went to Rhonda(my ex step mom, its complicated lol) and took her flowers at her work and then went to my brother's house. I think he was probably the most in shock and still is.

I had a good first few weeks and then it was all down hill after.... I was so sick I couldnt keep water and crackers down. They almost made me go to the ER for dehydration. But praise the Lord I got alot better. I was very fortunate that I was pretty busy with ourLadies Retreat during the time of me being sick that I couldnt really stop so it helped to kindof go by fast. I had my first drs apt September 27th and at that apt they said I was due April 30th. Then at my next apt Oct 11th they changed my due date to April 24th which is Easter Sunday! woohoo I told Ty this is the first year he wont have to buy me a At that apt the babies heartbeat was 160 and it was very active. I have not had any cravings except one day my mother in laws pineapple side dish that she makes only at the holidays sounded so good so I got the receipe from her at like 10 oclock at night and made it the next day. I have always eaten apples and loved them but they are extra good right now. I have one everyday as my snack before lunch. I am very thankful that I pretty much have my full energy back, ofcourse certain days I am moretired then others. So that is a fast foward of my 4mths of pregnancy.Its still so unreal at times that there is a baby growing inside of me. I am so blessed to have so many of my closes friends andone being my bestie Rana that are all prego at the same time! The holidays are around the corner and I cant wait I love this time of the year :)
Sono pics and belly pic 13wks

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Some Summer Photos

We just had Jr. Camp this past week, these were my girls I had in my room. We had a lot of fun! I have not had a chance to met most of these girls, cause I am normally with the Sr. high and never see this age group. Tyler and I are suppose to be getting on the children's church rotation so I can get a chance to know these girls even better. Several of them were called into full time service of some sort and 2 got saved. It was awesome to see God work in their lives, even at such a young age.For the 4th of July the youth/College class went out to the Shamasko's house. We shot off tons of fireworks and grilled out. (we can do that cause we were in the country lol) We had a great time of fellowship, it was nice to relax with some friends and now FAMILY (I love these church people already so much, they have been so welcoming and kind :) ). We also watched National Treasurer on their projector screen in their backyard, that was pretty cool!
Have you ever seen some one make an shape or letter ect with a sparkler and they capture it in a photo? Well I tried.... So I had abunch of my girls attempt it and this one turned out the best. We did accomplish a M, but Morgan's face is messed up in it. lol And then mine was a B, but I didnt think about it being backwards, so I just need to mirror it to actually look like a B.
This was the group of teens we took with us to Sr. Camp. I got a chance to get to know each of the kids personally. Most of the teens have similar backgrounds like I did growing up. It breaks my heart to see others have to deal with the same things. But I am thankful I can use it as a testimony and say look what God did for me and in my life.
This is Kristen, I had a chance to lead her to the Lord at Sr. Camp. Kristen's sister got called into full time service at Jr. Camp.Look at those blue eyes! This is Darla and Greg's little boy Zane. He is so fun to take pictures of, and very energetic! lol
I am so thankful for Bro. Dan being able to preach at Sr. Camp. The Lord used him in so many ways. It was a blessing to see all the decisions that were made that week!
This is Olivia, she is a little super star. Love the pouty lips!!!! :)

This has been a crazy busy summer and its still not over! HA Its been a great summer and I am thankful for my camera that I can capture all these great memories. We are getting ready to go to Youth Conference in OKC next week, then we have VBS the week after that, then school starts,then we have our ladies retreat and then we have our ladies trip to MO!!!!! :) I will try to keep posted of the upcoming events.
Hope yall are having just as much fun this summer as I am! :)

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Sleep what???? lol

It will be 2mths the 23rd of this month that we have been in Sherman. We have been literally none stop since the moment we have been here. I do enjoy being busy, I feel productive! There is just something about being in the ministry full time and even though you dont get time to stop much its all worth it. I am working in the office with Mrs. Johnson and another lady from our church. They both are a hoot! I love being able to work everyday with Mrs. Johnson and ask her things of ministry. I have already learned so much from her in the short amount of time we have been here. I am truly blessed for the pastor's wife we have :) Tyler works in the office as well but he hasnt been in the office much at all cause we are finishing up our Family Life Center and so the guys have been working really hard on it. I cant wait for our Family Life Center to be done, we are going to be able to use that for so many things for the teenagers and other classes. Since we have been here we had graduation, graduation reception, fellowship meeting, camp, fundraiser luncheon, and we are leaving for camp a week from today. It doesnt seem like that much but it really has been! lol I have gotten a chance to really get to know people here during al these things. Camp was a great week to bond with the teens, they are just as crazy as me. I dont know if that is a good thing or bad. haha Camp was such a emotional week and one of the best weeks of camp I have had in a long time. Bro. Dan (our old youth pastor) preached all week and he talked about all the things that God has done in our life. Lots of decisions were made and we had 2 teens get saved from our church. We are still seeing decisions being made! I am so thankful for what God has done in our life and it is only God who could do the things that have happened in our life. This will be a crazy week to get ready for camp but I will try to get on before then to post pics of the summer. :)

Tuesday, May 11, 2010


So we are moving to Sherman,Tx.!!!!!!!!!!We will be working full time at Grayson Bible Baptist Church. We have grown up doing activities with this church and know several of the people in the church. We were called about the position in March and Ty went for an interview first and then I went to meet the pastor and his wife. We both know Bro. Johnson and Mrs. Johnson from ski trips and we went to Argentina with them in 2004. Ty and I will be helping with Greg and Darla (the youth pastor and wife), we have known them as long as I can remember. They were the current youth pastor when we were in high school. One of my concerns was that I would have to work outside of the church and not be able to get as involved due to asking off, but the Lord worked it out so that I will be working in the church office. Ever little detail has been worked out so perfectly that it could only be God. I was afraid that we were going to have to pay tons to break our lease but it was only $550 for our reletting fee and they even allowed us to give our 60 day notice in the middle of one of the 30 days. One of our best friends currently work at a church about 10 mins away and we are excited about being close to them. Ofcourse we will be so busy I dont know when we will have time. lol We should be moving here in the next week or so, I am just ready to get settled into our HOUSE! That is right a literal house, not an apartment. lol I will be posting pictures soon.
At the end of April Ty and I got bluebonnet pictures taken,
CoCo was pretty good about posing.
The weekend before last we went down to Troy to see some of Tyler's family since it might be awhile before we get a chance to go down there. On Sunday we went
to a old country church. Tyler's dad, Kevin use to go
to this church when him and Connie were little. The church is in a town called Little Flock and is located right next to the cemetery where alot of Tyler's family is buried. I
took some pictures of the location, you could just feel the history there. It has been around since the 1800s.
My good friend Patti had her 30th bday party last friday and we
went to Olive Garden for dinner and then we went the house and
played tons of fun games. We have abunch of crazy ladies from our church there, it made for some good
"ab" laughs. lol
The next day, Saturday I took my two brothers to the park and to the railroad tracks. They had never been to the railroad tracks before, I really enjoyed spending time with them. Jack and Chandler are going through alot right now dealing with my dad, its hard for Chandler to understand what is even going on. So I try to see them as often as I can and make sure they know that I love them so much. This pink flower we found when we were walking to the railroad tracks. Its called a mimosa pudica and it is actual a flower that they think could help with chemo. I thought that was pretty interesting.Later on we had our Mother Daughter Tea at this antique mall and my mom was able to come. We had a lot of fun and got to spend time with my sister in law Kaci and my mother in law Connie.
I had to put this pic in below, this is my friend Patti that turned 30. I thought this was a precious photo of her and her daughter. (they have the perfect skin tone lol ) but I just loved the colors of their shirts and Danni was hamming it up with her smile.
I have been super busy this past week or so and it only had begun. Summer is about to be out and camp is around the corner. I will try my best to be on here more since I actually have things going on in my life. Night :)

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Friends Forever :)

I should be going to bed right now but I really wanted to blog real quick about my night. Me and one of my best friends had a Vampire Diaries Dont make fun you know you wish you were a vampire. She has been going through a lot right now and I honestly cant say I understand. Most of the time when people are going through things I unfortunately understand cause I have gone through it too. But in this situation I havent and it breaks my heart to feel I cant be there for her as much as I could. She is the type of person that needs space and that is hard for me cause Im use to being right there for people. But its been tooooooo long since we had spent time together so we watched our show together and talked about things she is going through. It helped me to understand things better and we hadnt talked in forever, it was nice to talk and laugh with her! This friend is one of those people that should of been a comedian. She always knows how to make someone else laugh even though she is the one that needs it the most. I hope she knows I love her very much and very thankful for her. I am also so proud of her and how she is handling this because if I were her I would be a complete mess. Keep smiling and know I am praying for you!!!!! :) LOVE YOU

Wednesday, April 7, 2010


I finally have some things that are some what exciting going on in my life that are worth writing about and that I have time to write about!

I have not really been wanting to write much about my life in the last several months cause my heart and my mind has been consumed by my dads problems. My dad is an alcoholic and recently been having some heart problems (which are related to his drinking) he turns to me for all the answers but he isn't at the place where he is ready to get help. This is probably one of the hardest things that I have had to deal. I feel so helpless when it comes to him, I want him to get help so bad. I know that it has to be him to make the decision but its just hard to sit back and watch.
On a better note I got my Canon Rebel for my bday and I LOVE IT! I took a class in January online and I think I learned alot but Spring time is giving me a great opportunity to learn more. There are times where I feel like I really still don't have a clue but at the same time I feel like I can see progress in my photos and pick out things in my photos that I should of done better ect. Mindy U, who I love her work, she has helped me alot with questions. She inspires me to do better, I just wish she would post more of her photos cause I love looking at photos and especially of her beautiful daughter.

I recently we to the Arboretum with my mom and all the flowers have blossomed for the Spring time. I can not even begin to describe the colors. I will post some of my photos. I have alot of my friends that are offering their families for me to practice on, which I am excited to have the chance to do. I will post them soon.
We are still helping out in our Children's Church and Life Jr on Wednesday nights at our church. We love our kids, they mean alot to us! I just wanted to say that cause todays Wednesday and we get to see them tonight :) This past weekend we went up to OKC on Friday and Saturday to spend time with our friends from school. We really missed them alot, we went to our favorite Japanese Steakhouse and tried 2 new places which I love now! lol One of them is Big Truck Tacos and they have amazing tacos and the other is Cuppies and Joe, which that place is a hole in the wall coffee shop. Ofcourse these two places werent there when we lived there, but a great place to visit. On Saturday we "tried" to have a picnic in the park in OKC, we all lived away from OKC too long and forgot how windy it It was a great time to remember memories!
On Monday night we had to say good bye to the Oster family, missionaries to Argentina. A year ago in January their daughter past away and they went ahead and went on furlough after that.

Please pray for them as they are getting settled in, I couldn't imagine going back to the place where, when the last place you were there is when your daughter was passing away.
This family has gone though alot in the last year but they aren't allowing it to stop them from doing what God has called them to do.
I am loving the sun, it just does something special to me! lol I sometimes feel like a plant at times. I will honestly try to write more and post my photos, I know alot if not all of my followers are my friends on facebook but I still want to post my photos and talk about my experience with the shots. Hope yall all have a great rest of the week!